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We are window specialists.

                     Full Window Repair

                 (currently not available)

​​As mentioned many times before as part of our advertising we go beyond glass or window replacement. If you go to the internet, Phone Book, business directories and you'll see companies under the list of "window repair". In fact all they offer is replacing glass or the whole window because their technicians don't know the mechanics of windows most of the time such as how the spring balances work supporting the sash.

All window repair experts will repair glass and any other mechanical window problems but not all glass installers will do both. It takes years to become an experienced window repair specialist

If there is a problem with your window, there is a good chance we can fix it. It is not always necessary to replace a window. We use only the best quality parts and glass, including hard to find parts that are not available at the big box home improvement stores.

We are currently offering glass and screens services only. Absolutely NO bead repair jobs accepted due to possible glass damage.

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