We offer a full menu of services related to window and door repairs. Please contact us today to find  more information and how we can help you to avoid unnecessary repairs. 

We are currently offering glass, screens and balance replacement services only. Absolutely NO bead repair jobs accepted due to possible glass damage.

If there is a problem with your window, there is a good chance we can fix it. It is not always necessary to replace a window. We use only the best quality parts and glass, including hard to find parts that are not available at the big box home improvement stores. We are currently accepting just balance replacement jobs as far as window repair we offer.

Sometimes your window only needs a part replaced or repaired. We have a catalog of thousands of parts that you won't find at your local home improvement store. We will ensure you get the right part and have it installed correctly. We are currently offering glass, screens and balance replacement services.




Accidents happen and when they happen to your windows, you need help right away to ensure the security of your home. We specialize in glass replacement for your window or door and we work with glass providers to meet nearly any glass size. 

The Texas heat and sun can be brutal. We can help minimize the effect the sun has on your interior as well as increase your privacy with solar screens on your windows or glass doors. 

Sometimes the outside elements make their way inside. To avoid further damage or inconveniences, we can help to reseal or correct any seal issues on your windows and doors. 

Have you tried cleaning your window to only find out that no window cleaner will get that fog out? It may be time to get professional help to get the fog out. We specialize in replacing foggy windows to get them looking like new again. we don't do or recommend "defoging" glass.




When you just need to restore an existing window to get it like new again, we can help. We specialize in restoring existing windows to a like new state to allow you to enjoy them for several more years. We are currently offering glass, screens and balance replacement services.


Are you considering purchasing a storm door or do you have one or a sliding door that needs repair? Avoid any costly mistakes by contacting us to install or repair your storm and sliding door.  We are currently offering glass, screens and balance replacement services.



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We serve the areas of Allen, Mckinney, Plano - minimum 3-piece order for the Westside, Frisco - minimum 3-piece order (Limited areas) Fairview, Murphy, Wylie, St. Paul, Sachse, Richardson - We reserve the right to limit our service area to keep customer service optimal. We reserve the right of refusing to go to areas further than 10 miles from our location when demand is too high or understaffed. EFFECTIVE 10/01/20 WE HAVE A NEW POLICY FOR A MINIMUM 3-PIECE ORDER ALL AREAS