Sliding doors can sometimes not do exactly what they are supposed to, slide. When this happens, we can help. Whether you are having issues with your current sliding door or need installation of a new one, we can help to ensure a correct installation or repair.

When sliding glass doors or sliding screens drag there is usually a common culprit: bad rollers. Those can be replace without a major spending installing a new door. We have an extensive source for roller and hardware parts available not found in hardware stores. No matter if the door is old or obsolete. Sometimes a damaged track by foundation shifting also make doors and screens act up. There are options for track replacement and repair to avoid full door replacement.

We are currently offering glass, screens and balance replacement services only. Absolutely NO bead repair jobs accepted due to possible glass damage.

Screen & Sliding Door Installation and Repair

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We serve the areas of Allen, Mckinney, Plano - minimum 3-piece order for the Westside, Frisco - minimum 3-piece order (Limited areas) Fairview, Murphy, Wylie, St. Paul, Sachse, Richardson - We reserve the right to limit our service area to keep customer service optimal. We reserve the right of refusing to go to areas further than 10 miles from our location when demand is too high or understaffed. EFFECTIVE 10/01/20 WE HAVE A NEW POLICY FOR A MINIMUM 3-PIECE ORDER ALL AREAS