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Fogged window glass - before picture

Fogged Glass Repair

Have you tried cleaning your window to only find out that no window cleaner will get that fog out? It may be time to get professional help to get the fog out. We specialize in repairing foggy windows to get them looking like new again.

Double insulated windows have a seal between the 2 panes of glass which expands during summer and contracts with cold weather. After many years under constant pressure the seal finally fails and separates from glass pieces. Air is sucked into the unit and moisture becomes visible inside. With time white spots will form due to the mineral contents from water  etching the glass permanently and making glass lose it's efficiency and beauty.

Many customers think it's necessary to replace the entire window but we have the practical and more economical option to repair those foggy windows. We replace the glass with a brand new seal and the glass will be beautiful and efficient again. Ask us for details.

We are currently offering glass and screens services only. Absolutely NO bead repair jobs accepted due to possible glass damage.

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