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Homeowner Tips and Recommendations

Here are few good general tips for windows maintenance, parts replacement and Sliding door maintenance

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Customer checking glass just installed
Glass installer in action!

Window Maintenance

Single or double hung window have sashes (the movable section) supported by springs (balances) which will turn hard sometimes over the years. A good maintenance practice is lubricating the vertical channels with a non oily lubricant such as spray silicone. Then after applying the spray move sashes up and down several times so the lubricant will spread and penetrate the hidden areas. Also, never leave your windows unopened for a long period. It's hard to keep window open during summer or winter in North Texas but try to open your windows as often as you can because "exercising" them will keep 'em tuned and chances are they won't get stuck.



PaParts Replacement

When windows don't work well there is always a reason why. Some repairs can be an easy task and could be performed by the self doers. Some should be left to a professional or you will end up spend more money should you damage the window.

Some easy fix examples are: cranks for the most part, locks, latches, handles, re-screening.

The repairs you should left to a professional would be: sliding door roller replacement, balance replacement, hinge replacement (casement windows).

We provide free estimates in our area of service so it's always a win win situation.

Sliding Glass Door

Sticky Sliding Doors?

Sliding glass doors are supposed to work smoothly and almost without effort but when the tracks are dirty they stick and a struggle begins every time you try to move them.

The best thing you can do is to keep the bottom track always clean and free of grease.

You can use a vacuum to clean the track moving to one side then to the other side to completely clean the debris under the door, you will be surprised to find crayons, toys, pet hair, etc etc.

Another good practice is never use grease because it will harden and make it more difficult to open. Always use a non oily lubricant if you want to lubricate the bottom and top tracks, just a tad.

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